2019 Results

Fractal Wave (FW) results for 2019 to December, 13, 2019

Below are the 2019 Fractal Wave hypothetical results from using signals for U.S. stock markets, to help provide some sense of signal/system validation.
Of course, subscribers will utilize the signals in a variety of ways according to their particular investing or trading plan.

The first chart below shows hypothetical performance for signals taken that showed a potential profit of 3% and greater at time of signal. It is assumed that a $1,000 position was taken on each end-of-day signal at the open price the next trading day.

Monthly Net Profit / Loss
Simulated $1000/per trade.
This is the monthly net profit or loss for trades closed during the specified month
– January of 2019 through Dec 13, 2019.

The chart assumes each signal with a 3% and higher target is entered
and held till either the target is reached, stopped out (exited) for a loss, or exited on the expiry date.
A 5% stop loss is assumed for each trade.

 < <   315 trades total > >

There were 174 winners and 141 losers. Therefore, a win/loss ratio of 55.2 %

If compounding your earnings and reinvesting monthly, while using 2-1 leverage, expected returns could have been higher.
Commissions are not included in this analysis, neither is cost of Fractal Wave subscription

Expanding on the above hypothetical,
this next chart is the
Cumulative Net Profit change over time
Starting with an account of $15,000.
Simulated $1000/trade.
All trades based on 3% minimum target and above
The cumulative profit over the time period
– January of 2019 through Dec 13, 2019.
would have been made on these trades
$15,000 becomes
which is a 26.7% return

The Results Speak For Themselves

Below are results from a complete 1 year sets of data, from providing our clients with FW signals from the three stock markets in NYC.


It is noted that most subscribers are not acting on every signal, so this information is to show the validity of the signals,
and possibly provide some ideas on how to best use the signals going forward.
These trades are supposing a 5 percent stop loss and are simulated with a 1000-dollar investment per signal
Commissions are not included in this analysis, neither is cost of Fractal Wave subscription.
Both Longs and Shorts are included in system.


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General disclaimer

Fractal Wave (FW) is not responsible for trades executed by users of its alerts and signals. Signals and alerts are generated automatically of a proprietary software system. The information presented to subscribers does not represent a recommendation to buy or sell stocks or any financial instrument nor is it intended as an endorsement of any security or investment. The information presented is general and not specific to the conditions of any individual. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Trading equities carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. By subscribing to Fractal Wave alert signal service, the user acknowledges and accepts that all trading decisions are their own sole responsibility and fractal wave, and parent company or anybody associated with fractal wave or parent company are not responsible for any losses that may be incurred as a result.

There is risk of loss associated with trading and investing, and each investor or trader must consider whether it is a suitable for their situation. No representation or implication is being made that using the Fractal Wave signals described in this website and brochure will generate returns or ensure against losses. Losses can and will occur.

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