Our New Platform and Website is Launched!



We are excited to launch our new website and the automated platform to deliver you your signals.  To celebrate we are offering the first month free to all new subscribers.  Stay tuned as we add more features.

You have a day job which requires focus and attention, so you can’t give all of your time to the markets. FW selects high probability stock signals that you can chose to act on very easily. Each trading day at approximately 7pm EST, the FW signals are emailed to your inbox. They are easy-to-read and to understand. Which ones and how many to choose is up to you, your portfolio strategy, risk management regime and budget. You are in complete control. Trading through science, mathematics and physics removes emotion and second-guessing. Our unique FW algorithms have a history of being profitable when looking at the total number of signals over a given time frame. The right tools can help you become a more confident trader.

FW helps you identify opportunities, it is your job to choose which opportunities to use and how to use them.

For more information please read our terms and conditions and disclaimer here. If you're ready to start trading for the first time or take your trading to a new level of confidence, join us and start receiving the FW Alpha Cycle signals to directly to your inbox today!

A Powerful & Unique System

Whether or not a stock falls into a predictable Fractal Wave forecasting category is automatically determined by the proprietary Fractal Wave Stock Market Oscillator software. Additional statistics are then used to identify the best signals out of a group of stocks.

Out of thousands of stocks screened each day, the software’s algorithm might select only four to eight for engagement, sometimes more, sometimes less and sometimes none. The number of signals per day will vary according to the findings of the software.

A New Way to Trade

Signals generated by the Fractal Wave Stock Market Oscillator are sent directly to subscribers every day. You control your trading decisions by choosing which signals to take on a daily basis. We indicate when to buy and when to sell. Both the take-profit indication and the time-based exits are given in advance of the trade.

The Fractal Wave Oscillator allows for a whole new level of discrimination to describe a stock price wave shape. By applying the Fractal Wave principle, stock market analysis can be approached in a far more subtle, sensitive and empowering manner.

Reduce Your Risk How It Works

Fractal Wave forecasting signals are carefully developed trade parameters that reduce several of the risk factors involved with trading. By making participation in the stock market accessible and easy to manage, these forecasting signals enable you to trade like a professional without having to invest lots of time and money into identifying potential winning stocks.